Busy summer

Summer months are always busy in the salon, everyone getting ready for their holidays and looking good in the sun. And it’s no exception in the wig department. We are extremely busy over the summer, helping people look their best and finding different solutions for different people. Our Total Cover Plus clientele has gone through the roof in the last couple of months and the salon is now seeing at least one TCP client per day which is great for our small and growing business and great that the word is spreading about how brilliant these hair systems are. Get you appointments booked early to avoid disappointment as Adrian is quite fully booked already for the rest of the summer, especially weekends, and me only being in 2 days per week, am very busy on the days I’m here and booked weeks in advance. Some interesting cases to tell you about next week, so come back to see what I’m getting up to!



Phyto Hairloss Products

So as well as providing wigs and hair systems, at the salon we also supply Phyto hair products which are only available in the UK at Pierre and James salon. These products are designed to strengthen hair, gently cleanse, and work with your scalp to give you the best head of hair possible. The range of shampoos conditioners and treatment masks is vast and one of our Phyto specialists would work with you to show you what is best for you. Phyto also provide specific courses of hair loss treatments for men and women, from first noticing a slight change, to chronic thinning, Phyto have a product that could help.

Phytolium 4 works in 4 stages to combat hair loss, by extending the life of each individual hair with biocompatible fruit stem cell extracts, preventing hair thinning by inhibiting the enzyme that causes it and purifying, stimulating and regenerating the surrounding area, encouraging healthy hair growth with keratin to encourage and revitalise hair and finally adding density with botanical oils which improve intercellular exchanges, creating thicker, denser, stronger hair. This is a scalp treatment used 2-3 times per week for 3 months.

Phytophanère  combines the synergistic actions of specific vitamins (B, C, E) and essential fatty acids which help to actively fight hair loss as well as stimulating and fortifying hair and nails. This is an oral supplement to be taken daily.

Phytologist 15 is an absolute hair loss treatment, combining 15 biological actions on hair loss and hair growth. It’s a major breakthrough in anti hair loss  treatment, concentrating active ingredients with unprecedented performance, 99% botanical and natural in origin. It’s global action slows hair loss, increases growth and thickness no matter what the cause. The 15 biological actions on hair loss and growth are as follows;

inhibits 5 alpha-reductase

protects the cell nucleus

Improves the inter follicular structure

detoxifies cells,

diminishes follocle micro irritation,

prolongs the lifespan of hair follicle cells,

protects stem cells,

stimulates growth factor synthesis,

acts on the production of longevity proteins,

acts to combat fibrosis,

regenerates ATP,


improves cellular respiration,

protects cell energy-producing organelles,

stimulates growth factor secretion by pre-adipocytes.

this revolutionary product is a treatment applied to the scalp 3 times a week for 3 months and combined with the recommended Phyto treatment shampoos and conditioners, can work wonders for anyone suffering with hair loss.

We are proud to exclusively supply Phyto products and happy to explain further any of the treatment systems available. Call today for an appointment with one of our Phyto specialists today and begin your journey back to the full head of hair you once had!

Appointments to be booked by calling 01702330707 and ask for a Phyto Hairloss consultation.


It’s been a while…..

Hi everyone,

Its been a while since ive written a blog, the social media bubble has taken over and I’ve been concentrating a lot on the Instagram and setting up a new Facebook page, more focused on what’s going on on a daily basis with us and Total Cover Plus, lots of client photos and information about how things are working. The previous page we had was a bit messy and I felt I needed to clean it up and get it more focused on what’s actually relevant. So if you are an old follower of the page, and haven’t yet seen the new one, our new page address is; http://www.facebook.com/essexwig

the instagram account which is working really well, is now available to follow @essexwigcentre and the Twitter account is the same as always @info_essexwig

Just a reminder to all potential clients that all our consultations are FREE and no obligation, come in for a friendly chat about your hair loss needs and requirements and see if I can help you, or point you in the right direction of the right solution for you.

Glad to be back blogging! If there’s any topic anyone would particularly like me to cover in my next post, please comment below and I will do my best!


Off sick……

Hi everyone,

Just to to let you all know that I’m not going to be in the salon this week, ive some how managed to get gout in my foot, and can’t put weight on it at all at the moment, so the doc has said to stay off my feet this week while the medicine gets to work. Long days standing in the wig room are a no go for me this week 😦 so sorry to have let anyone down for their appointments, but do believe I am seeing most of those who were booked in this week, next week, so look forward to catching up with you all then.

While im off, I am going to spend some time making sure the Instagram account is up to date with all of the work I’ve done recently, so bare with me with all the posts you are likely to see coming up in the next few days! Hopefully you will find it interesting!

Follow the instagram account directly @essexwigcentre, and if you haven’t already, then please like our facebook page and follow us on Twitter too!


@info_essexwig on twitter

Thanks guys!


Photo and Video Shoot Today…..

Today we are shooting for the Total Cover Plus website, photos and videos for more information about the women’s integration systems. Our regular client Sandra Booker has kindly volunteered to be a model for today. So I have all my makeup set up ready to go, and she will be getting a new system fitted and cut in and Her colour done all today. Watch this space for more information on how today goes!!


Busy Saturday’s…..

The salon is buzzing with life today, every stylist fully booked, the beauty room busy all day and the nail bar too. The wig centre is busy busy too. Today we have seen a regular total cover plus client get a new system fitted and cut in, two chemotherapy consultations, a returning wig client coming in to try on eight different new wigs which she can hopefully choose from and a regular alopecia client coming back for a new wig also.

We have also had news today of some exciting new ranges from our suppliers, a special range for small and large sizes, meaning that we now have up to date styles for those with different sized heads, not just two or three to choose from! And a great new range of mens wigs, meaning the guys can go through chemo without feeling that they have to go bald with it, which is great. There are a great range of different quality bases and different hair types, which means we should now be able to cater for everyone that comes in without needing to create bespoke wigs for special circumstances, which keeps the cost down for all involved which a great thing to be able to offer. Looking forward to showing lots of new clients the great new ranges. Dont forget get to book your Saturday appointments well in advsnce if you need them. The weekend is the busiest time of us, so if you need to see us over the weekend, call ASAP to avoid disappointment.


Young Clients

This week at the essex wig centre, we had our youngest ever Tigal Cover Plus client in to visit us for his first ever system. He was 16 years of age and had started losing his hair at the age of 10. For him it has made such a huge difference to his confidence as a young man at school, and proves that this is not just a product for use by older people. It is something that is suitable for almost everyone, and we can usually find the right solution for you whatever your age and whatever your hair loss situation might be.

Visit http://www.totalcoverplus.co.uk for more information on the fantastic products that we use, supplied by them.

Sam x

Feeling the heat…..

It’s been a very busy few months at the essex wig centre. We have been inundated with new clients and enjoying weekly visits from our regulars.

The weather is getting warmer and some of you may be feeling the heat under your wigs in this weather. So in preparation for the summer ahead and to get you through tis heat wave, I’ve got some tips for you on how to keep cool.

Choose a Cool Wig Base
Wearing a wig in hot weather can be uncomfortable, but with the right wig base, or wig cap, you can look great and feel comfortable. Nobody will see your wig base – but it affects your wig’s appearance and comfort. Wig bases come in a variety of materials and styles, and most can be adjusted to fit your head snugly. A mono-top or monofilament wig base creates a very natural appearance, but can be very warm on your scalp because it is not ventilated. Try a capless or lace front wig base for a cooler wig. If you’re concerned about scalp irritation from a lace or open network wig base, try a comfort cap wig that is lightweight.

Types of Wig Hair
Wigs are available in synthetic and human hair types. Both types come in many colors, and can be cut and styled to suit you. With synthetic hair, If you get sweaty or someone splashes water on you. It won’t fade, or change appearance but depending on the quality level of the synthetic hair that you choose, it may melt if you’re near a stove or oven. A lightweight synthetic wig with a capless base can stay relatively cool on your scalp because of its open construction. Human hair wigs can be styled and must be restyled after each shampoo. These are often heavy and hot in warm weather, but will look and drape just like your natural hair.

Keeping Cool in Your Wig
If you are not going to flaunt your buzz cut, bare scalp, or early crop of chemo curls, you may be looking for ways to keep cool while wearing your wig. Here are some ideas to try:
Gel band: this is a head-hugging headband that lifts your wig slightly off your scalp, allowing sweat to evaporate, and air to cool your skin. A big plus of the gel band is that it prevents your wig from slipping out of place.
Wig liner cap: a stretchy cotton skullcap can help absorb sweat and prevent skin irritation. Cotton skullcaps are easy to hand wash and will dry overnight.
Wig liner fishnet cap: the fishnet cap is naturally ventilated and lifts your wig base away from your head. These caps stretch to fit any head and will help keep your wig in place.
Cornstarch-based baby powder: use a sprinkle of baby powder on your scalp before you put your wig on for the day. The cornstarch will soak up perspiration and keep you feeling fresh, but won’t irritate you nor cause dry skin.
Skip Your Wig
If the weather is so hot that a wig just doesn’t make sense, skip it! Wear a straw hat with a cotton liner, to which you can add bangs, a ponytail, or a halo wig. Choose a natural fabric scarf or turban. A knitted cotton cap or a sleep cap might feel good on a hot day. Or boldly go without any headcovering, but don’t get sunburned!

Remember to call us with good notice for your appointment to avoid disappointment, our diary is very full at the moment! And any advice you might need on any of the topics covered in my blog, feel free to contact me on sam.essexwigcentre@gmail.com

The Faulty Towers Experience

I have had an interesting job to do in the Wig Centre this week, Suzanna Hughes from the Faulty Towers Dining Experience team came to visit me with her rather battered Sybil Fawlty wig for a thorough re vamp! This company have teams working in various sites around the globe, including New York, Singapore, all over Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Canada, and a London West End residency at the Amba Hotel in Charing Cross.

It is a site specific theatre performance, always within a fully functional restaurant, where the diners are immersed in the performance by removing the boundaries normally associated with theatre. It’s a two hour performance, where the audience are the diners and will enjoy a three course lunch or dinner at the same time.

I spent hours getting the hair in the wig to a good enough state to start again and recreate the iconic style of Sybil. I started by brushing out all of the original styling, washing the waist length hair thoroughly, then steaming it all weft by weft to straighten the hair out before setting it in rollers and steaming it again to ensure it takes the style. It then went under a hood dryer to set the style in with a gentle heat, before building it section by section into the intricate style. image image imageimage image image image image image image image image image image image image

This particular wig is now winging its way, with Suzanna, to Australia for the next ten week leg of the tour where they are visiting lots of areas of the Far East as well as many cities in Australia. I have armed her with tips and skills to help her keep the wig in its style for as long as possible while they are away and in the mean time I am going to be working on her second wig which has been left behind with me, and one of her colleagues wigs too before she goes off to Cananda!

It’s lovely to be doing something as over the top and creative as the Sybil style and to still have a connection with the entertainment industry through the Faulty Towers Experience. I can’t wait for Suzanna to return so I can check them out for myself in London! The Amba hotel has its own team there at the moment and it’s an on going run, so please visit http://www.faultytowers.net for your tickets for this unique dining and theatre experience!