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Hey gang,

Thought it would be good to let you all know a bit more about the consultation process here at Essex Wig Centre, so it is clear what kind of service you can expect when you come in to see us.

Firstly you will be bought into our state of the art private room, a fully equipped salon space housing everything we need for our consultation with the added bonus of being able to close the door and relax knowing that the general public will be out of view and your hair loss problems kept between you and I. We talk about your specific hair loss issue and discuss the best option for you, wigs, hair integration systems or total cover plus, an honest and professional opinion will be given regarding your choices, but ultimately the decision lies with you with which way to go.

If we are choosing you a wig, our stock allows us to find a shape and style that you like, and we have a vast range of styles to try to figure out the right colour for you too. We will talk you through how to prepare your hair and scalp to wear underneath your wig to ensure you are comfortable and we will try on as many as you need to to find the right one for you. We will then make a list of up to five wigs to order for you, with variations on colour and style to ensure we find the right one for you and your order will be placed. We will book you back in for a further appointment a week later to come and try on your personalised order.

When you choose your wig, we provide a personalising service where we can trim and style the wig to suit you specifically, giving you a bespoke look made just for you.

If you opt for a completely bespoke made wig, we will work out and take down the requirements of your order which will then take 12 weeks to process. You will come back after this time for your personalising service.

If you opt for a hair integration system, we will professionally choose the correct base and hair for you and place this order during your consultation. You will also be shown in depth the piece and the method used to make these work. Depending on your specific requirements, these can take only 10 days to process. More specific bespoke pieces can, again, take 12 weeks to arrive. Once again you will come in after this time for your fitting and personalising service. The first fitting will take up to 2 hours, then once a month we recommend a service and refit of the piece which will differ in time depending on what needs to be done.


Hopefully this gives you a clear idea on what to expect at the Essex Wig Centre and we are very proud of the services we provide. I hope to have filled you with confidence to pop in and see us soon! The attached photo shows our private room and a very small portion of our lovely wig collection.

Hope to see you soon!

Sam xx


Salon Times this Week…..

Hi all,

Sam is in the salon today 9-6

Thursday morning until 1

Friday 9-6


To book a free consultation, or for a chat to work out your options, call me on

0800 1223043

or email me at,

Sam xx

Cutting wigs…..

Hey everyone,

I’m in the salon today, cutting a bespoke wig down for one of our regular customers. The hair was looking quite heavy so I am thinning and styling it to suit the client more. I’m able to do a lot of this without her here which is a great time saver! And she’s coming back in next week for the finishing touches and a lesson on how to prepare her own hair under the wig to make wearing it comfortable and secure. Cutting and personalising wigs is my speciality, and done very differently to cutting your own hair. So if you have a wig that’s not quite right for you off the peg, come in and see me for a personalising service and leave with the hair that you want!

Call me on 08001223043

email me

Sam xx

Party Piece…..

One of our regulars Laura Grant, was in to see the lovely Tash this week, to get ready for her leaving party as it was her last day at work. She has been wearing one of our Biya hairpieces for going out, for a while now and it needed a little attention when she arrived! The great thing about these pieces is that although they are made from synthetic hair, meaning they are very affordable at £39 for a half head piece, they can take heat up to 180 degrees. So we were able to completely restyle it using tongs and pinning it up to set while hot. It came out beautifully and with a nice cut and blow dry and simple half up half down style created by Tash, Laura was ready for her night out and looking beautiful! We hope you had a great night Laura!



Biya hair pieces on sale in the salon today. Pop in and try one with me or Tash, just for fun!

Sam x

My Favourite Bobs, Mara…..

As promised today I’m going to be talking about Mara, our human hair bob. The most fantastic thing about these human hair wigs, I feel, is the foundations. The foundation of a wig is the base on to which the hair is either knotted or sewn, and the part that is in contact with the scalp. These wigs have a particularly good one. It’s made of a very soft, stretchy lace fabric all over, with the addition of the monofilament top piece which I explained in my last blog on bobs. It has a neat and clever adjustment system in the back meaning they don’t have to be custom made, and you can tighten or loosen them depending on how secure you need it to be.


This feature sticks in my mind for one of my clients in particular who has lost a lot of weight due to her condition, she’s been finding that her custom made wig is feeling very roomy and not as secure as she would like, as even her head has got smaller as she’s lost weight. The problem could be eliminated with this foundation as she could adjust as she needs to depending on how things are going. Looking forward to trying this out with her and seeing if it helps!
This type of foundation also allows for repairs and re knotting to be done very easily on a wig meaning it should last you very well. I’m now offering this service at the Essex Wig Centre, repairs, extra hair and servicing to help improve the look and extend the life of your wig.
The hair in Mara, is very nice quality and the colour in our stock piece is a lovely light brown with red and blonde lights giving it a very soft and realistic look. In my opinion this would need very little work apart from a fringe trim to suit the individual, as it’s not too heavy, and a really nice shape. Definitely very impressed with our new stock!

Sam x

Welcome Sam to Essex Wig Centre……….

The Essex Wig Centre in Southend on Sea is proud to announce the arrival of Sam Battams to head our hair loss clinic and Wig centre.

Sam has moved from London where she spent 10 years working in wig departments for many of the top west end shows including the likes such as “Les Miserables”, “Legally Blonde” Head of Department for “Beauty and The Beast UK Tour”, “Cabaret” and “Spamalot UK Tour” and many more……..
Sam’s pedigree is unquestionable, becoming one of the most experienced wig technicians in the hair loss industry today.

Essex Wig Centre are delighted to be able to offer our clients Sam’s skills, knowledge and services regarding the advice and fitting of our Wigs and Hairpieces.

Sam is also a specialist in the incredible hair integration system for women were severe hair loss and pattern baldness can be resolved with a new semi permanent technique to resolve the issue of hair loss resulting with a new natural self-confident look.

Essex Wig Centre has a comprehensive and beautiful selection of wigs for Sam to show and recommended, she offers a professional bespoke service in comfortable relaxed surroundings.

Contact us now on 0800 122 3043 freephone or email Sam direct on to arrange a no-charge strictly confidential consultation.

Sam looks forward to meeting you.

A Few of My a Favourite Bobs…..

The new stock here at Essex Wig Centre is all so lovely, I need to share some of my faves.. Today I’ve been loving the bobs. I think this is mainly because my own hair is in a bob at the moment and I’m looking at the wigs wishing my hair looked that good!

The first one is Catwalk. The stock colour is a warm brown with some subtle red tone lowlights running through. It’s made from a really nice, glossy fibre that looks and feels so realistic and is made up of a monofilament top with weft back. This means that the hair has been knotted individually into a fine material which mimics the scalp on top, so where it parts, it looks just like natural growth. Weft back means that the hair is sewn to a stretchy base in strips of hair called weft. This works perfectly well for the back of a structured style like this bob as you would have no need to part or change it at the back at all, just as it would be if your own hair was this short, the back would most likely be worn the same all of the time. It can also keep the cost down. If that’s something that is important for you, look for wigs with weft backs. This one and many of our other new wigs, have the bonus of the natural top, with the cost-effective back. I love the modern, graduated back on this wig and the sweeping fringe. The fringes are left particularly long when we get them in so we are able to cut and personalise the front to suit the individual who will be wearing it. I think having this option is so lovely, as it means that just because you are wearing a wig, doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on the salon experience, all from the comfort of our private room.


I think Catwalk is a beautifully modern cut and comes in a really good range of colours. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing this one on!

Come back tomorrow for part two of my favourite bobs where il be showing you a gorgeous human hair option!

Sam x