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Look Good Feel Better

So today was the day Natasha and I were lucky enough to attend a Look Good Feel Better workshop at Southend Hospital. The charity provide makeup lessons and guidance for ladies going through cancer treatment and a lovely goody bag full of professional products kindly donated from companies such as Lancôme, Elizabeth Arden and No. 7.


The day began with everyone taking their seats and the volunteers – all professionals in beauty or makeup – giving each lady their goody bag once they have assessed their skin for the correct foundation tone. They then got to have a rummage through the bags and open all of the products before they were taken through the 12 point, step by step demonstration of how to apply makeup correctly and how to care for the skin with cleanser toner and moisturiser. The transformation in the ladies from the morning was incredible, not only in their faces, but in their confidence and their mood too. It was a really uplifting experience watching their excitement at the beautiful donated products, seeing their confidence grow with each step of the programme and watching exactly how looking good really does make you feel better during treatment. Sarah, the coordinator, was informative and caring, with lots of helpful tips and good information about the products and the other volunteers were there to help when any of the ladies got stuck with anything. From opening their products to shaping their eyebrows, they were there to pick up whatever was difficult and talk each lady through it step by step until they were happy they could do it themselves.


At the end, questions were answered and a few gifts were given to ladies chosen from a raffle, from companies supporting the charity and the work that they do. Vouchers for a massage and a beautiful garden candle were among them and this is something that the Essex Wig Centre will definitely be doing in the future too as well as donating our time.


It was a beautiful morning and we are both very excited to be a part of it very soon. Congratulations to Look Good Feel Better on their 4 year anniversary at Southend hospital. We are very pleased to have shared it with you.


if you or anyone you know could benefit from the services provided by Look Good Feel Better, get in touch with the, at



Charity Work this month “Look Good Feel Better”

Natasha and I are very excited to be involved with the Look Good Feel Better workshops at Southend hospital and will be attending this months on Monday 27th. We are looking forward to sharing our makeup skills and helping ladies going through treatment to feel good about themselves during tough times. We look forward to meeting new and inspiring women and hope the session will be helpful for those attending. If you are going through treatment and feel that one of these sessions would benefit you, then please contact

I am currently looking into starting a charity of my own too. I’m excited about it and hope to help lots more women going through cancer treatment with better, more affordable wigs. I’m in the very early stages, with an idea and a few questions asked. But with letters sent out and the input and opinions from some very important people today, I am definitely going to give it a go and hopefully will be able to tell you more very soon! Watch this space.

Sam x

Total Cover Plus Hair Systems

Total cover plus

As well as providing wigs as a hair loss solution, The Essex wig centre is the UK hub for the pioneering Total Cover Plus Hair systems.

How it works
At Total Cover Plus we recreate nature through technology.

Our unique and revolutionary hair system is undetectable and the latest in hair loss solutions. It consists of human hair that has been implanted into a micro-thin layer of artificial skin. We then gently bond this artificial skin with the implanted hair onto your scalp. The whole procedure is pain free, non-surgical and takes less than 2 hours.

The Total Cover Plus hair system is designed to perfectly suit your life and not vice versa! You don’t have to change a single aspect of your daily life because the hair system adapts to you. You can be confident and relaxed, whether it be in the shower, at the gym, outdoors or in the bedroom. The hair system becomes one with you, it becomes your hair. At an incredible 0.03mm it is micro-thin and just as elastic and breathable as the epidermis. This allowed the system to breathe and sweat with you while sitting on your scalp. You don’t get hot, you don’t get itchy, you can’t even feel it’s there. The artificial skin is so thin and light that it doesn’t change your sensations at all. You are able to feel the touch of your fingers on your scalp right through the hair system. Another unique feature of its design is the transparent clearness of the skin, this means that it is not only impossible to feel the system it is also completely invisible.

AirActive skin is completely unique and not produced by any other company. This is the heart of the hair system. The bio-engineered skin is designed to imitate the epidermis, the top layer of human skin. The front hairline of each AirActive skin hair system is specifically designed to imitate a natural hairline. With our AirActive Skin hair system we can give the appearance that your hair is returning to its former density and hairline. We will simply give you a little bit more hair every time you get a new hair system. Thanks to the bionic hairline, there are no limits to your hairstyle. You can sweep it back or to the side, wear it on top or long and wavy, it really is up to you.

Here is what you can expect to happen when you come to the centre to find out more about Total Cover Plus.. The first step is a no obligation consultation with one of our experts. Here you can discuss what hair style you would like and ask any questions you might have before deciding wether to go ahead. In the second step we prepare your scalp by cleaning and trimming the thinning area and washing the remaining hair. We use special shampoos and conditioners to make sure that your scalp is perfectly clean and ready for the system. We then cut the system to your specific head size and shape before applying to the scalp. In the final step we blend the system into your remaining hair and cut your new hair as discussed in your consultation. And there it is, a full head of hair, pain free, in just 2 hours.

Call for a chat to discuss further if Total Cover Plus could work for you. We have also just launched a new range of hair integration systems which combine a light weight breathable system, with your remaining hair to give you back a full head of hair. This option is very popular with women and is even less invasive on the hair and scalp than having hair extensions. More information on these systems in my next blog!

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