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Home Visits

Home Visits

At the Essex Wig Centre, we are well aware of the effects of chemotherapy treatment, and know that sometimes, it means that plans have to change due to ill health. It is often not possible for someone going through treatment to get back in to the salon after their initial consultation to choose their wig and have it styled. However, this does not mean that you have to go without your wig. We are more than happy to visit you at home, with your personalised order of wigs, and continue your experience with us in the comfort of your own home. Should you be unable to make it in to us, we can bring the wigs to you, help you choose the right one for you, and cut and style it for you at home, just as we would in the salon. Removing the pressure of feeling that you have to keep an appointment if you are feeling unwell. Just one of the ways in which we try to help make the process of dealing with cancer easier for our clients, knowing that you can still have your hair, even if you can’t get here. If this service would be of any help to anyone you know going through treatment, please get in touch! 08001223043

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Hair loss solutions for women – It doesn’t have to be a wig

As many of you already know, here at the Essex Wig Centre, we are a proud franchise and representative for Total Cover Plus, a leading non surgical hair replacement company, developing exciting and pioneering technology in this field. We are now proud to announce the launch of the women’s hair integration system, a revolutionary hair system designed with women in mind, which uses the existing hair and seamlessly blends in to give you the full head of hair you have been dreaming of, without being intrusive, or disregarding the hair that you do have, like hair extensions, bonded systems or wigs can be.

Our hair is so much more important to us than many people could imagine. However it is often only when we are losing it that then we truly become aware of just how incredibly important it is in how we define ourselves. And of course it is accepted that women particularly feel that their hair is part of their femininity and that without their hair they lose their distinctive personality and female ‘look’. It is an uncomfortable clinical fact that more women than men suffer from hair loss and that there are many different types of feminine hair loss. Therefore there isn’t a simple one size fits all solution for such a complex issue.image
However Total Cover Plus now has a range of solutions for many of these female hair loss issues problems. With their extensive knowledge of hair loss and years of experience and as one of the market leaders in non-surgical hair replacement Total Cover Plus has developed a range of systems to overcome most female hair loss issues. Whether women suffer from thinning hair, full or partial hair loss or simply fine hair and scalp visibility issues that could do with more volume the new Total Cover Plus Hair Integration System is the solution.
In a uniquely revolutionary way Total Cover Plus integrates more hair into your existing hair no matter how thin. There is no heavy weave/clip extensions (which are often very harmful and painful) and no surgery or drugs of any kind are involved. And if your hair loss is so severe it does not suit the super lightweight Hair integration we can custom make a super thin skin based skin system to replace complete and partial hair loss issues.
So you can now achieve the hair style you have always wanted and better still you can re-style it, sleep, shower, engage in sport activities and live in it as if it was your normal hair.
Total Cover Plus – Recreating Nature Through technology.