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Keep Your Wig On!

Where we are based in Southend-on-Sea, the weather has recently taken a turn for the super windy! Anyone who wears a wig will know that the blustery weather can make you feel very vulnerable and often very nervous to go outside for fear of losing your hair in an embarrassing encounter with a strong gust! I thought that it might be helpful to share a few tips for helping your wig to stay on in such situations. Most of these techniques I learned working in the West End and Touring Theatre, having to get wigs to stay on throughout vigorous dance routines and rough quick changes and would be strong enough to withstand this strong weather!

Firstly.. Wear your stocking cap. There are many uses and benefits to wearing a stocking cap, and in this instance, extra grip is one of them that you will be grateful for. If you have some of your own hair remaining under your wig, twist it into pin curls if you can and use grips to hold it in place, then use grips or pins to grip over the base of the wig, the stocking cap and into your pin curls to grip the wig on tight. If you have no hair at all, the stocking cap is then the main base for your grips to hold on to. Slide them around the base of the wig and on to the stocking and you should feel secure. If you feel a regular stocking cap is too slippery, you could use a length of cohesive bandage around your head first, then the stocking cap over that, the grip all the way around going through the bandage too. This is a very secure way of keeping a wig on and is used in Theatres all over to make wigs secure for men, and women with short hair under their show wigs. You can go even further with this if you need to and get a net stocking cap. The velvety texture of the fish net fabric gives even more grip to a very bald scalp and you can twist and pin them to get them as tight as possible before you pin the wig to the base.

If you have adjustable straps in the back of your wig, put your wig on and get it in to a good position, then lift the back very slightly and tighten an extra little bit on each side. Be sure to do this on your head to make sure you are only adding a slight bit of extra grip under the base of your skull rather than making it to small that it pops off!

Use tape. If you don’t already, use some toupee tape, extra strong if you want it to last a few days, on the front of the wig and at the temples. This works best if the scalp is bare, and the skin is clean of any oil, it will stick the wig nice andsecurely down in the vulnerable, flappy areas, and make sure you avoid any mishaps with big gusts of wind blowing the wig backwards!

these are all good tips for every day wig wearing, not just in the windy weather. Try them in stages to find a comfortable level of security for you

sam xx


Busy Busy

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a good Christmas and new year. The Essex Wig Centre has been very busy over Christmas and January is looking to be just the same. Hair integration systems, men’s total cover plus systems and various wig services, including home visits, our days are filled back to back with both new and regular clients and we are enjoying the hustle and bustle in the salon! As we are so busy, I just wanted to write this post to urge you to book your appointment early should you want to come in and see us. We don’t like to disappoint anyone and know how important our services can be to you, if you need maintenance on your piece or are due to start treatment soon, or have an event coming up that requires a special style, we know it is important for you to be on top of your hair issues! Contact us on 08001233043, 01702330707 or email me at to book your slot and avoid disappointment. Hope to see some of you soon 🙂 Sam xx