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The Faulty Towers Experience

I have had an interesting job to do in the Wig Centre this week, Suzanna Hughes from the Faulty Towers Dining Experience team came to visit me with her rather battered Sybil Fawlty wig for a thorough re vamp! This company have teams working in various sites around the globe, including New York, Singapore, all over Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Canada, and a London West End residency at the Amba Hotel in Charing Cross.

It is a site specific theatre performance, always within a fully functional restaurant, where the diners are immersed in the performance by removing the boundaries normally associated with theatre. It’s a two hour performance, where the audience are the diners and will enjoy a three course lunch or dinner at the same time.

I spent hours getting the hair in the wig to a good enough state to start again and recreate the iconic style of Sybil. I started by brushing out all of the original styling, washing the waist length hair thoroughly, then steaming it all weft by weft to straighten the hair out before setting it in rollers and steaming it again to ensure it takes the style. It then went under a hood dryer to set the style in with a gentle heat, before building it section by section into the intricate style. image image imageimage image image image image image image image image image image image image

This particular wig is now winging its way, with Suzanna, to Australia for the next ten week leg of the tour where they are visiting lots of areas of the Far East as well as many cities in Australia. I have armed her with tips and skills to help her keep the wig in its style for as long as possible while they are away and in the mean time I am going to be working on her second wig which has been left behind with me, and one of her colleagues wigs too before she goes off to Cananda!

It’s lovely to be doing something as over the top and creative as the Sybil style and to still have a connection with the entertainment industry through the Faulty Towers Experience. I can’t wait for Suzanna to return so I can check them out for myself in London! The Amba hotel has its own team there at the moment and it’s an on going run, so please visit for your tickets for this unique dining and theatre experience!