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Off sick……

Hi everyone,

Just to to let you all know that I’m not going to be in the salon this week, ive some how managed to get gout in my foot, and can’t put weight on it at all at the moment, so the doc has said to stay off my feet this week while the medicine gets to work. Long days standing in the wig room are a no go for me this week 😦 so sorry to have let anyone down for their appointments, but do believe I am seeing most of those who were booked in this week, next week, so look forward to catching up with you all then.

While im off, I am going to spend some time making sure the Instagram account is up to date with all of the work I’ve done recently, so bare with me with all the posts you are likely to see coming up in the next few days! Hopefully you will find it interesting!

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Thanks guys!




Hi everyone! Just to let you know we are now posting on Instagram! Please follow us @essexwigcentre

I will be be posting photos daily of my work and the people I meet.

Thanks for for the support!!


Photo and Video Shoot Today…..

Today we are shooting for the Total Cover Plus website, photos and videos for more information about the women’s integration systems. Our regular client Sandra Booker has kindly volunteered to be a model for today. So I have all my makeup set up ready to go, and she will be getting a new system fitted and cut in and Her colour done all today. Watch this space for more information on how today goes!!


Busy Saturday’s…..

The salon is buzzing with life today, every stylist fully booked, the beauty room busy all day and the nail bar too. The wig centre is busy busy too. Today we have seen a regular total cover plus client get a new system fitted and cut in, two chemotherapy consultations, a returning wig client coming in to try on eight different new wigs which she can hopefully choose from and a regular alopecia client coming back for a new wig also.

We have also had news today of some exciting new ranges from our suppliers, a special range for small and large sizes, meaning that we now have up to date styles for those with different sized heads, not just two or three to choose from! And a great new range of mens wigs, meaning the guys can go through chemo without feeling that they have to go bald with it, which is great. There are a great range of different quality bases and different hair types, which means we should now be able to cater for everyone that comes in without needing to create bespoke wigs for special circumstances, which keeps the cost down for all involved which a great thing to be able to offer. Looking forward to showing lots of new clients the great new ranges. Dont forget get to book your Saturday appointments well in advsnce if you need them. The weekend is the busiest time of us, so if you need to see us over the weekend, call ASAP to avoid disappointment.


Young Clients

This week at the essex wig centre, we had our youngest ever Tigal Cover Plus client in to visit us for his first ever system. He was 16 years of age and had started losing his hair at the age of 10. For him it has made such a huge difference to his confidence as a young man at school, and proves that this is not just a product for use by older people. It is something that is suitable for almost everyone, and we can usually find the right solution for you whatever your age and whatever your hair loss situation might be.

Visit for more information on the fantastic products that we use, supplied by them.

Sam x