Off sick……

Hi everyone,

Just to to let you all know that I’m not going to be in the salon this week, ive some how managed to get gout in my foot, and can’t put weight on it at all at the moment, so the doc has said to stay off my feet this week while the medicine gets to work. Long days standing in the wig room are a no go for me this week 😦 so sorry to have let anyone down for their appointments, but do believe I am seeing most of those who were booked in this week, next week, so look forward to catching up with you all then.

While im off, I am going to spend some time making sure the Instagram account is up to date with all of the work I’ve done recently, so bare with me with all the posts you are likely to see coming up in the next few days! Hopefully you will find it interesting!

Follow the instagram account directly @essexwigcentre, and if you haven’t already, then please like our facebook page and follow us on Twitter too!

@info_essexwig on twitter

Thanks guys!



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