A team of specialists at your service.

We are a team of skilled technicians and stylists – experienced professionals who specialise in dealing with today’s hair and scalp conditions and related problems, for men and women.

Hair conditions we treat include temporary or sometimes permanent loss of hair due to chemical induced therapies such as chemotherapy; alopecia, which is a common condition of spasmodic and irregular hair loss, and hair thinning due to a multitude of specific individual conditions.
Instances of these seem to be on the increase as do their causes; these are rooted in a multitude of different sources resulting in increased stress and anxiety, and loss of confidence.

We offer solutions for male and female clients including hair cosmetic procedures such as filament hairpieces that are natural, comfortable and fashionable; where appropriate we recommend and prescribe botanical and cosmetic hair stimulants to inhibit hair loss and encourage hair growth.

As a team, we have acquired collective knowledge over a 30 year span and perfected our craft diagnosing and treating numerous hair and scalp conditions at some of London’s premier hair salons, styling and satisfying a discerning and demanding clientele.

We at the Essex Wig Centre will treat these conditions with discretion and understanding in a comfortable, friendly environment, giving our clients a positive and professional



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