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Phyto Hairloss Products

So as well as providing wigs and hair systems, at the salon we also supply Phyto hair products which are only available in the UK at Pierre and James salon. These products are designed to strengthen hair, gently cleanse, and work with your scalp to give you the best head of hair possible. The range of shampoos conditioners and treatment masks is vast and one of our Phyto specialists would work with you to show you what is best for you. Phyto also provide specific courses of hair loss treatments for men and women, from first noticing a slight change, to chronic thinning, Phyto have a product that could help.

Phytolium 4 works in 4 stages to combat hair loss, by extending the life of each individual hair with biocompatible fruit stem cell extracts, preventing hair thinning by inhibiting the enzyme that causes it and purifying, stimulating and regenerating the surrounding area, encouraging healthy hair growth with keratin to encourage and revitalise hair and finally adding density with botanical oils which improve intercellular exchanges, creating thicker, denser, stronger hair. This is a scalp treatment used 2-3 times per week for 3 months.

Phytophanère  combines the synergistic actions of specific vitamins (B, C, E) and essential fatty acids which help to actively fight hair loss as well as stimulating and fortifying hair and nails. This is an oral supplement to be taken daily.

Phytologist 15 is an absolute hair loss treatment, combining 15 biological actions on hair loss and hair growth. It’s a major breakthrough in anti hair loss  treatment, concentrating active ingredients with unprecedented performance, 99% botanical and natural in origin. It’s global action slows hair loss, increases growth and thickness no matter what the cause. The 15 biological actions on hair loss and growth are as follows;

inhibits 5 alpha-reductase

protects the cell nucleus

Improves the inter follicular structure

detoxifies cells,

diminishes follocle micro irritation,

prolongs the lifespan of hair follicle cells,

protects stem cells,

stimulates growth factor synthesis,

acts on the production of longevity proteins,

acts to combat fibrosis,

regenerates ATP,


improves cellular respiration,

protects cell energy-producing organelles,

stimulates growth factor secretion by pre-adipocytes.

this revolutionary product is a treatment applied to the scalp 3 times a week for 3 months and combined with the recommended Phyto treatment shampoos and conditioners, can work wonders for anyone suffering with hair loss.

We are proud to exclusively supply Phyto products and happy to explain further any of the treatment systems available. Call today for an appointment with one of our Phyto specialists today and begin your journey back to the full head of hair you once had!

Appointments to be booked by calling 01702330707 and ask for a Phyto Hairloss consultation.